professional organizersWhy do I say that professional organizers are lazy? Because I am one so I know! What I mean by this statement, is that we know what it means to be organized. We also understand the challenges it presents when we are not, not to mention the stress it can cause.

Professional organizers want solutions in place to make our lives easier, hence the lazy comment. The solutions we create for ourselves and our clients, allow a flow into our busy lives as if we are on auto-pilot.  We want our clients lives to be easy and relatively stress-free like our own.

When our spaces are in disarray, we spend way too much time trying to find what we need.  That happens for our clients as well. Doesn’t it make sense to have solutions in place to be able to access things quickly when we need them? Professional organizers want to make sure we can find things quickly when we need them, to save time and avoid stress.

Part of the organizing process includes assigning homes to our things. Professional organizers want to know where all of our things live.  When all of our belongings have homes, we know exactly where they go when we’re finished using them.  Clutter happens when your items don’t know where they live.  They just lounge about in piles all over the place collecting dust.

Time management and productivity are elements of organization.  Professional organizers understand that scheduling tasks and appointments are essential for getting things done.  Good time management skills will increase productivity, save money and decrease stress.  After all, no one likes to be late, or pay late fees because they forgot to make a payment.

There are other advantages to living in organized spaces. It’s easier to clean when surfaces don’t have piles of clutter. There’s no shame when unexpected visitors drop in. And, probably the best advantage is, you have the time to do the things that are the most important to you!

So, jump on the lazy train with us professional organizers, and organize your spaces and time to live your best life!