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Home organizing

SOS provides a number of home organizing services. We will de-clutter & organize your closets, basements, and kitchens, set up your home office and filing system,  transform your spaces for at home care after an injury or illness, and more.

In a time crunch or just have a big job and need your spaces cleared and organized quickly and effectively? SOS can bring in a team of organizers to get the job done and reclaim your peace of mind.

Specialty Areas 

Rightsizing Older Adults

We accumulate belongings throughout our lives at a rapid rate. Our situations change as we get older. We go to college, perhaps get married and raise a family, and don’t even realize how much we have until the kids are gone and it gets increasingly difficult to keep up with the daily operations of living. Moving to a smaller home can mean letting go of a lot of cherished memories. Let SOS ease your transition by providing ideas to preserve your memories, as we keep your necessary belongings proportionate to your new living spaces during the home organizing process.

Team Organizing

SOS provides the option of team organizing. This is where we bring in additional organizers for big projects, or if you just want your project done quickly.  You pay for one or more Value Packages, and the cost of the other organizers is included in the Value Package you choose. All of the other organizers have their own businesses and carry a minimum of business liability insurance.  They are NAPO (National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals) colleagues of mine that have worked with me on other team organizing jobs, and we all work very well together.  The team lead would work with you, while the other organizers work in the background to avoid the overwhelm of multiple people asking you questions at the same time.

Home Office

Working at home can present many challenges. Whether you have a home based business, work for a company that allows you to work from home, or just have a workspace in your home to manage your household, keeping your spaces organized can be frustrating. Clutter can keep you from thinking clearly which causes stress from working long hours. By de-cluttering your workspaces and creating systems tailored specifically for you, we can help you increase your productivity to reduce your stress and regain your peace of mind.

After A Death

Losing a loved one is never easy and the duration of grief is different for everyone. There are so many things that need to be considered, and determining what to do with a lifetime of belongings can be overwhelming. When you are ready, our caring, compassionate consultants can help with these difficult decisions to make this endeavor less painful so you can begin to heal.

Pricing & Packages

Needs Assessment Consultation – $249

Organizing is a process. An initial phone consultation to gather preliminary information begins the process. Then a more in depth consultation is scheduled to walk through your spaces, to understand your vision and determine the strategy that will be used to reach your goals, with or without the help of an SOS consultant. A ballpark estimate of hours, a step by step action plan, and some recommendations will be provided after the walk through.

Hands on Organizing – $70/hour 

Home organizing services are scheduled in three hour increments with no more than two sessions per day. However, the sessions can be tailored to the stamina of the client. The client works with the organizer by making decisions on what items to discard, donate or keep. This also allows the organizer to understand more about the clients natural habits and routines to develop systems that are tailored to their established behaviors. During the session, the client learns the fundamentals of the organizing process, and that enables them to continue without the organizer if they choose, and also to keep their systems maintained.

Value Packages: 

12 hour package $770, includes 1 free hour

18 hour package $1120, includes 2 free hours

24 hour package $1470, includes 3 free hours

Getting your spaces organized is a process that can take quite a bit of time. The clutter that is causing your stress didn’t magically appear overnight, so it stands to reason that it will take some time to de-clutter and organize your spaces. Working one on one with a professional organizer is one way to go if you have the time, but if you have a need or a desire to get the job done quickly, and save some money in the process, consider purchasing a package of hours at a discounted rate. These hours can be used for a team of 3 or more organizers, or with one organizer, your choice.

Maintenance Packages:

3 month package $585

6 month package $1080

12 month package $1980

SOS consultants work with clients to understand their natural habits and routines to create personalized systems to maintain organization in their lives. This concept works for most of us most of the time. There are however, times in our lives when situations change that throw us out of balance and can cause our systems to become ineffective. The systems that worked so well in the past may need to be adjusted to fit the changes in your life.

Chronic disorganization can also prevent us from maintaining organizational systems. The chronic disorganized have been frustrated by failed attempts to get organized for most of their lives. They’ve read the books, taken classes and implemented solutions without success.

Maintenance packages are an affordable option to either of these circumstances. After we initially organize your spaces, an SOS consultant will come in once a month for three hours and work with you to determine which systems are working, which are not, and then make the necessary adjustments to help you stay organized.

Freedom Filer Package – $265

This package includes everything you need to get the Freedom Filer maintenance free filing system set up in your home. You will receive a pre-assembled Freedom Filer Home Filing system in a portable filing storage tote with 75 green hanging folders, instructions on how the system works, and a 3 hour organizing session to provide assistance purging existing files, and filing the ‘keepers’ in your new filing system.

Gift Certificates

Need a gift for someone who has everything…literally? The gift of organization may be exactly what they need. Call SOS to discuss the amount of organization you would like to give, but before you make that call, make sure your loved one is on board to receive this most generous gift.