Spring Cleaning Renews Home & Soul

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Spring is a time that refreshes, renews, and brings positive energy into our homes and souls. Spring cleaning is a ritual a lot of us engage in at the beginning of the season.  Some are anxious to begin, others dread it, and some just don’t do it at all. The term ‘spring cleaning’ means different things to everyone.  To some it may mean cleaning the house from top to bottom and everything in between. To others it may mean cleaning things that don’t get done during regular cleaning sessions. Whatever it means to you, the results have an internal effect [...]

Establishing Boundaries

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A couple of years ago, I wrote an article on the subject of boundaries, called ‘Respect…Yours, Mine & Ours’.  Here is a link to the article in case you missed it. The subject of the article was intended to help those living with one or more family members, to establish boundaries for storage & use of their belongings, as well as the others, out of respect for one another.  By doing this, my hope was to establish a peaceful living environment for everyone in the home. The same thought process can be used to establish boundaries with people as well [...]

Creating Peace at Home Through Organizing

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How does your home feel to you? When you walk in the door, do you feel a sense of calm or chaos? Are you happy to be home or feel like screaming as you run out the door? Do you know why you feel this way? It could be for a lot of reasons. Each of us has a lot going on in our lives at any given moment. We need a place to go to relax from the stress of the day, to be at peace. That place will be different for each of us but as natural philosopher, [...]

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