Establishing Boundaries

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A couple of years ago, I wrote an article on the subject of boundaries, called ‘Respect…Yours, Mine & Ours’.  Here is a link to the article in case you missed it. The subject of the article was intended to help those living with one or more family members, to establish boundaries for storage & use of their belongings, as well as the others, out of respect for one another.  By doing this, my hope was to establish a peaceful living environment for everyone in the home. The same thought process can be used to establish boundaries with people as well [...]

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Respect…Yours, Mine & Ours

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Living with another person or multiple people, whether they are family members, or not, can present many challenges. Each person that lives in the home typically has a role and responsibilities to do their part. Everyone has their own individual personality and learning to live together takes effort and respect. Personalities play a big part in getting along with others. You cannot choose your family members, but you can choose people to have other relationships with in your life. No matter what your relationship is with that other person, you will need to learn to get along with them if you [...]

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