Pros & Cons Of An Interim Living Solution For Retirement

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My friends Cindy & Joe (not their real names), that are in their mid-60’s recently retired. They lived in a beautiful, 3k+ square foot, 3 level home on a lake with their dog.  Both of them love the outdoors.  They didn’t plan on retiring that soon, but their situation sort of pushed them into it. They wanted to get out from under the costly, and physical maintenance of owning such a large home so they put in on the market. At this point, they weren’t sure where they wanted to live in retirement. Another thing I need to mention, is [...]

Time to Retire – What Do I Do With My Time?

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Planning to retire? Maybe you’re not quite there yet but you’ve been planning the financial component for quite a while.  What about your time?  Have you considered what you will do in terms of your time? Certainly, finances are an essential piece to every retirement plan, but planning should not end there.  Consider this – you have been working a 9 to 5 job for 40 or more years, getting up at the same time, going through the same, or similar routine day in and day out. You may have had time off over the years from vacations, illness or [...]

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When You Retire, What’s Your Reason to Get Out of Bed in The Morning?

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Image courtesy of winnond /   If your answer to that question is, because I have to pee, that’s not what I mean.  That’s probably the number one answer to that question.  Other answers could be – to get ready for work, or to get into the tasks of the day, whatever those might be for you, or maybe to leave for a much needed vacation.  Those are valid answers, but again, not what I mean.   We all have to make a living, clean the house, do yard work, take care of others, take care of our health, etc. [...]

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Why Think About Retirement Now, I’m Only 22

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When I was first starting out, I would often hear my older family members tell me that I need to start planning now for the future, as well as retirement. I understood that I probably needed to plan for the future, the near future, but retirement? I have to admit, I thought they were crazy. I’m in my early twenties, why do I need to think about retirement now? My thoughts were deeply anchored in how I was going to support myself at that time, not when I’m 65. It was not until much later in life that I realized my [...]

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