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What Emergency Preparedness Means Today

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In the past I wrote a couple of articles about emergency preparedness - Being Prepared Is Not Just For Boy Scouts Anymore &  September is National Preparedness Month. Both of these articles, which are basically the same, were written to encourage the development of a documented plan to stay safe in the event of a natural disaster. These types of naturally occurring events are specific to the region of the country in which you live. As these articles suggest, a plan and supplies are the main requirements for emergency preparedness. Everyone in your home needs to understand the plan and [...]

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What Important Things Would You Take in an Emergency?

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Have you ever thought about this question? Do you know what items in your home that you consider important things? These are mainly things that would be very difficult, or impossible to replace if they were lost or destroyed. Imagine that you are in an emergency situation like a natural disaster, maybe a tornado, hurricane, flood or a fire.  Sheltering in place is not an option. You could potentially have just minutes to evacuate your home.  Obviously, the most important things to grab are not things, they are people and pets - your family members. After everyone, people and pets [...]

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September is National Preparedness Month

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Since September is National Preparedness Month, and hurricane season is in full swing, I decided to tweak a previous newsletter article that discussed weather emergencies for this month. In 2004, this month was designated to review our state of preparedness and make adjustments accordingly. These adjustments are not only for our home & family, but for our businesses and communities as a whole. This means being prepared for a range of emergencies such as home fires, and natural disasters to terrorist attacks. Staying informed of current events is critical to be prepared for these types of emergencies. Cell phones, computers and the [...]

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Being Prepared Is Not Just For Boy Scouts Anymore

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Spring is finally here, woo hoo! Living in the Midwest can be harsh during the winter months, with the biting cold weather, snow and ice that seemed to go on forever. But I think we’ve seen the last of it for awhile, at least I hope so. I say this because the flowers are blooming, leaves are popping out on the trees, and the grass is turning from brown to green. In order to get the beautiful spring colors, we need rain, and along with the rain, can come storms, flooding, and possibly tornado's. I guess we have to take the [...]

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Winter Weather Tips

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  Winter weather has officially arrived! The temperatures have been dropping rapidly. Some of us have already seen significant snowfalls, and you know what that means, treacherous driving conditions, and shoveling snow. Once again it’s time to shift into winter weather survival mode. That is, unless you can spend the winter months in a warm tropical place, but I digress. If not, there are two areas that need to be considered related to winter weather - your home, and your vehicle. There are many online posts to help you winterize your home to save energy and money.  Here is one [...]

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