Below are some wonderful testimonials received from happy clients! 

“Things Have Marvelously Changed for Me!

I was struggling to keep things together, desperately wanting to get a grip of several life transitions: a personal back/spine disability, retirement and caring for a parent recently moved to a skilled nursing facility. My challenges were having accumulated tons of paper work (some important and some not-so-much), needing an approach to better manage future correspondence for me and Mom, and needing to sort through a lot of stuff brought home after 30 years of work. Sally of S.O.S. was a God-send! She immediately demonstrated her unique knowledge, flexibility, concern and compassion for my circumstances and developed a tailor-made plan to tackle my challenges. We got to work right away…and with each session I felt relieved, revived and empowered to regain a sense of order and control in my home. What a breakthrough! My home is now an open, welcome space for me and others! Sally was an absolute pleasure to work with and inspired me to recognize, develop and stir-up certain abilities that should serve me well in this phase of my life. Thank you, peace and blessings for all that you do!”

Delores F. – Ferguson, MO

“I was stuck and needed help. While I had some things fairly organized on my own, I still managed to accumulate piles and stacks of paper. In those piles were receipts, financial statements, insurance cards, tax forms, photos and more. Eventually my piles became boxes of papers. Some items I knew I needed to keep and yet others I thought I might need in future. But I couldn’t decide how to move forward and just ignored all those boxes of ‘stuff’. Years passed and my postponed decisions were building up. I knew I needed help. Sally at Simple Organized Solutions was my answer. She assisted me in sorting through those boxes and educated me on the Freedom Filer method. I’m grateful for her services and would encourage anyone in a similar situation to reach out to her. Thank you Sally!”

Lisa R. – St. Peters, MO

“Sally, I want to thank you with all my heart for the wonderful, professional job you organized and executed for me in my craft/sewing room. I was so overwhelmed with the condition of the room I couldn’t start it myself. I would go there with full, serious intentions to organize this but an hour or more later, I was just standing there, staring out the window.

My daughters mentioned that I should give you a call. I praised the Lord that you had time to take me on immediately. The most challenging of this event was the sorting. The next greatest challenge was putting each item back in its new destination. You came through, not demanding I get rid of anything, just asking the right questions. I’ll never forget how I felt the last day on the job, the day we finished. Four tons had been lifted off my shoulders, two tons were left and it all fit in the allocated space.

I’ll never forget that when I would thank you, you always replied, “but I had fun, I love my job.” It shows.

The job is now done. I am using the space. The arrangement is working well! I know where everything is and I put everything back in its place when I finish for the evening.

Thank you again, and I’m glad you had fun. So did I.”

Norma O. – St. Louis, MO

“Sally was great. She helped me take an overwhelming project and break into workable pieces. Sally took on the daunting task of organizing a shop room full of tools and odd and ends. When she was finished, I felt like a weight had been lifted! The room was organized, properly labeled and well-laid out. I would definitely call Sally for future projects!”

Mary Ann E. – St. Louis, MO

“Sally has been a big help with organizing my apartment. She is very patient and caring. I was going through some hard times and let my apartment get away from me. She has come over almost every weekend to help me go through things to see if I should keep or get rid them. We even moved furniture around to make the energy flow better in the rooms and even made some helpful suggestions of what I can buy on a budget to help with organizing. I definitely recommend her services.”

Katherine P. – St. Louis, MO

“When friends came over, I made sure they never looked in my closets. Since they were such a mess, I hired Sally to reorganize all my closets and she did a good job! I highly recommend her services to everyone!”

Shirley K. – St. Peters, MO

“Sally, the FreedomFiler is amazing! As I started through my huge stack of filing I came across a lot of things that I needed to set-up a file for-and I zipped through all my filing in about 20 minutes! I’ve been keeping up with it now because I actually enjoy it-how weird is that! Thanks for all your help-you are an Organizing Goddess!”

Kathi B. – St Charles, MO

“I have had a wonderful experience with Sally Morgan of SOS. There is nothing she can’t organize, takes donated items where you prefer and brings you the receipt . I give her *** out of five.”

Ellen T. – Ladue, MO

“I had been fearing this day for years but thank God it didn’t happen until after you and your awesome crew came over…the water heater finally broke down. And I’m not in a panic to have it repaired. We spotted the leak right away, and the path is clear for the plumbers. Thank you!”

Christine D. – St. Charles, MO

“Sally is very efficient, a gentle “nudger” & nice to boot. She helped to motivate me to downsize & declutter. That was the beginning for me to start my new journey! Now I’m a happy new homeowner & very organized with Sally’s inspiration.”

Ellen C. – St. Charles, MO

“Sally helped me setup my FreedomFiler filing system.  I’m relieved to have this project done and I’m very pleased with it! It’s great to have my files in order and I can find things quickly. I gloat to everyone about it!”

Susan S. – Bridgeton, MO