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Spring Cleaning Renews Home & Soul

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Spring is a time that refreshes, renews, and brings positive energy into our homes and souls. Spring cleaning is a ritual a lot of us engage in at the beginning of the season.  Some are anxious to begin, others dread it, and some just don’t do it at all. The term ‘spring cleaning’ means different things to everyone.  To some it may mean cleaning the house from top to bottom and everything in between. To others it may mean cleaning things that don’t get done during regular cleaning sessions. Whatever it means to you, the results have an internal effect [...]

Spring Brings New Beginnings

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Spring signifies rebirth, renewal, regrowth, new beginnings. Flowers are starting to bud as they wake from their winter slumber. Everything is fresh and new. It’s my favorite season! It’s a good time to open the windows to let out the stagnant energy after many months of winter, and let in new fresh air/energy. A good spring cleaning will refresh the inside of your home to coincide with the rebirth taking place outside. Before the cleaning begins, however, you need to de-clutter your spaces to enable your interior energy to flow freely. Cluttered spaces allows for energy to become stagnant, which [...]

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