spring cleaning renews home & soulSpring is a time that refreshes, renews, and brings positive energy into our homes and souls. Spring cleaning is a ritual a lot of us engage in at the beginning of the season.  Some are anxious to begin, others dread it, and some just don’t do it at all.

The term ‘spring cleaning’ means different things to everyone.  To some it may mean cleaning the house from top to bottom and everything in between. To others it may mean cleaning things that don’t get done during regular cleaning sessions. Whatever it means to you, the results have an internal effect on you.

There are psychological benefits of spring cleaning.  Those that understand this, may be those that are anxious to begin.  Others that dread it, may or may not understand it’s benefits, but lack the motivation to begin.  And, I’m guessing those that don’t do it, may not understand why they would feel better if they did engage in this annual ritual.

The list below may not be all-inclusive, but should give you an idea of how spring cleaning renews your soul.  If you know of others, feel free to post a comment below.


Opening up the house and letting in fresh air, chases away stagnant energy.  Fresh air also clears the cobwebs from your mind so you can think clearly.  When you think clearly, you are more productive.

Sense of accomplishment

When you finish a task, especially one that you didn’t want to do, you feel a sense of accomplishment.  You are happy that you got something done.  It’s also a motivating feeling, and can give you a boost to tackle the next task on your list.


As you go through your cleaning ritual that renews your spaces, you will find items you no longer need, use or love.  Let them go (out the door)!  Trash, recycle, sell or donate these items.  It’s a liberating feeling.  Much like a boat anchor weighs you down, so do these items.


There’s nothing better than to relax in your home after spring cleaning!  What you’ve just done refreshes and renews your spaces to bring you peace and eliminate stress.