digital storage spaceOur phones have a certain amount of digital storage space. You may say yea, but I can add more storage quickly with a few clicks. That is true, but there is a cost involved in saving this data to the cloud. And, as your storage needs grow, so does the cost. So, wouldn’t it be more cost effective to manage your digital storage space yourself?

Purging unused data can significantly free up storage space and it doesn’t cost anything. Voicemail messages, text messages, unused apps, photos, videos, and files all use up valuable storage space. And your storage space can quickly fill up if you are not keeping an eye on it.

One thing I learned early on with voicemail is, that if you don’t purge older messages periodically, it will get to a point where no one else can leave a message because the voice mailbox is full.  No one wants to miss an important message because of this issue!

Now, if your only means of additional digital storage space is via the cloud, you will need to shell out a few more bucks if you don’t purge to free up space.  However, there are other physical storage devices that provide another option for digital storage space separate from your phone and the cloud.

Laptops, tablets, flash drives and external hard drives are examples of physical digital storage devices. Each one of these devices also contains a certain amount of storage space. By moving just your photos and videos to one of these devices can free up an enormous amount of space on your phone, and you won’t incur additional costs, except of course, for the cost of acquiring the device(s).

Just like any organizing routine, I recommend putting a plan in place to manage the digital storage space on your phone. Step one is to do a thorough purge of voicemail messages, text messages, unused apps, photos, videos, and files. Then when you have the keepers left, decide whether you want or need to save the bulk of the keepers to another device(s), or pay the additional cost to save them to the cloud.