6 Things To Consider That Will Help Prioritize Maintenance Tasks

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When you prioritize maintenance tasks, you can save money, avoid service interruptions and potential catastrophes. Anyone that owns a vehicle of any type or a home, understands that there will be ongoing maintenance tasks of these items, or their parts. Nothing lasts forever. Typically, we prioritize tasks based on urgency, but when you prioritize maintenance tasks, they may or may not be urgent. It may be that you didn’t keep up with a maintenance schedule which now creates a sense of urgency, and that is what you want to avoid. Maintenance tasks are an important part of keeping your home [...]

3 Maintenance Strategies to Keep Your Spaces Organized

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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /   You read some books, maybe took a class, engaged a good friend to help, planned it out and got it done.  All of your spaces are organized!  It feels good doesn’t it?  Eliminating clutter can be liberating.  Having a home for all of your belongings breathes a breath of fresh air into your living spaces, it creates peace of mind. Now that your spaces are organized, you want to keep them that way so the peace will remain.  No matter how you created your systems, you need to take some steps to [...]

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Put it Back Where it Belongs

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When you were a kid, how many times did you hear your mother tell you to, ‘put it back where it belongs’? I know I heard it all…the…time. What I didn’t realize then was that mom was trying to get me in the habit of being organized. It also helped her find that same item when she needed it. I’m not actually sure she realized what she was teaching me at the time either, but this very simple act provides the required maintenance for an organizing solution. Yes it’s simple, but then it really doesn’t have to be complicated. Organizing is [...]

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Spring Cleaning Your Yard

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Spring is only a couple of weeks away and brings thoughts of awakenings and new growth. We also think about spring cleaning to refresh our homes that have been closed up all winter. Yes, the house needs to be refreshed, but what about your yard? It needs to be de-cluttered, cleared and refreshed in order to receive good energy to allow for all the new growth. Below are some tips to get you started. Spring cleaning your yard will also entice you and your family to enjoy good times and create memories in your little corner of the world. • [...]

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