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Positive Results Occur by Being Proactive

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The definition of proactive according to the Merriam Webster dictionary is, “acting in anticipation of future problems, needs, or changes”. Positive results are sure to follow when you think about things that may happen if you aren’t mindful of yourself, and your surroundings, and take proactive steps to avoid potential issues. Being mindful of yourself, your surroundings and future needs, is the first step in the process of being proactive. As you go along in life, and you see things that could potentially cause an issue in the future, for whatever reason, the next step is to determine the appropriate [...]

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Organizing Pandemic Masks

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Due to the pandemic, wearing face coverings in public has become the norm to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Various kinds of face coverings available to the public include - masks(disposable, cloth-washable, KN95-washable), gaiters and face shields. Early on, acquiring this type of protection was scarce as a lot of businesses were not deemed ‘essential’, so they were not open. Healthcare providers were scrambling to find resources to provide enough face coverings to tend to the ever-rising numbers of patients coming in to their facilities. More and more individuals wanting to help, started making masks with scraps of material [...]

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What’s Hiding in Your Closet?

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A closet is a great way to store, well, anything actually. Before they were designed in the build of a home, an armoire was used to store clothing.  In modern times closets are designed and built into rooms in every house. Typically, a bedroom includes a closet to store clothing to replace an armoire of days gone by.  A living room, or foyer may have one to store coats. It’s basically a confined space with a door intended for storage for that room or space. If space is an issue, a closet may be used as storage for multiple categories [...]

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3 Maintenance Strategies to Keep Your Spaces Organized

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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /   You read some books, maybe took a class, engaged a good friend to help, planned it out and got it done.  All of your spaces are organized!  It feels good doesn’t it?  Eliminating clutter can be liberating.  Having a home for all of your belongings breathes a breath of fresh air into your living spaces, it creates peace of mind. Now that your spaces are organized, you want to keep them that way so the peace will remain.  No matter how you created your systems, you need to take some steps to [...]

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Fall Planning Tips

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The air is crisp, the days are getting shorter and the leaves are just beginning their transformation to vibrant colors before they fall to the ground. These are signs that fall is here. It’s a time to enjoy the last vestiges of warm weather and attend football games, bon fires, and hayrides before we retreat to our homes to wait out the winter months. It’s also a reminder to make some changes in our living spaces in preparation for this seasonal change. The lists below are examples of some of the things that need to be done. Tailor these lists to your [...]

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Put it Back Where it Belongs

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When you were a kid, how many times did you hear your mother tell you to, ‘put it back where it belongs’? I know I heard it all…the…time. What I didn’t realize then was that mom was trying to get me in the habit of being organized. It also helped her find that same item when she needed it. I’m not actually sure she realized what she was teaching me at the time either, but this very simple act provides the required maintenance for an organizing solution. Yes it’s simple, but then it really doesn’t have to be complicated. Organizing is [...]

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