closetA closet is a great way to store, well, anything actually. Before they were designed in the build of a home, an armoire was used to store clothing.  In modern times closets are designed and built into rooms in every house.

Typically, a bedroom includes a closet to store clothing to replace an armoire of days gone by.  A living room, or foyer may have one to store coats. It’s basically a confined space with a door intended for storage for that room or space.

If space is an issue, a closet may be used as storage for multiple categories of items. They can also become a place to hide clutter from impromptu guests.  If something doesn’t have a home, or it’s inconvenient to put it away at the time, said item may end up in a closet to be put away at a later time.  Many times, the putting away of the item is forgotten and it gets pushed to the back never to be thought of again, that is, until you need it. That’s when the search begins!

A closet can become a hiding place for your things very quickly if you have no guidelines in place to maintain your organized spaces. Of course, you need to declutter and organize your closet initially to be able to provide future maintenance.  That’s where we will begin, then we will move on to the maintenance portion.  When finished, you will now be able to answer the title question with a resounding…nothing!

Closet Declutter & Organize:

  • Take everything out of the closet and put into categories of like items that make sense to you.
  • Review each item in each category and make a decision to keep or discard – donate, trash, recycle, return to owner. Move the discard items to their appropriate bins; cardboard boxes or trash bags work well for donations.
  • Do the keepers belong in the closet? If not, move them to their homes. If so, use the closet space – floor, walls, hang bar & shelf to contain categories of items so you can see all of the contents.

Closet Maintenance:

  • Label containers so there is no doubt where an item belongs.
  • Put away your things in their assigned homes immediately after use.
  • When you find things hiding in your closet that don’t belong there, move them to their assigned homes.
  • Keep a donate bin in or near your closet for items you no longer love, use or need. When it’s full, take it to a charity of your choice.

What’s hiding in your closet?