refreshesOf course, there is the aspect everyone thinks about the most during springtime and that is spring cleaning. Although everything you can think of during this season has to do with a refresh in some way. Cleaning, clearing, purging, growth, weather, remodeling, planting, etc., refreshes an aspect of our lives in some way.

In the springtime, opening windows in our homes allows for fresh air to clear out the stale air for better breathing. Of course, if you have allergies, this may not be a viable option, but it is a good time to clean or replace filters in your furnace and air purifiers.

Doing a purge of unwanted things in our homes refreshes our living environment to encourage new things and experiences into our lives. As we perform spring cleaning which includes purging, we need to be mindful of recycling.

Recycling refreshes the earth in terms of keeping items out of the landfills. Earth Day comes every year in April to remind us to reduce, reuse and recycle to lessen our carbon footprints. During spring, and sometimes in the fall, a lot of financial institutions host free paper shredding events that keep our personal information out of the hands of identity thieves, and ultimately out of landfills.

Springtime refreshes our yards in so many ways as is the course of nature. Nature wakes up from its winter slumber and the process of rebirth begins anew. Clearing away dead plants and debris from our yards refreshes the earth and allows for regrowth.

Tuning up our vehicles refreshes them overall to keep them in tip top shape and saves us money in the long run. Clearing and cleaning the insides of our vehicles is a maintenance action that falls into the same category as refreshing the mechanics of our cars and trucks.

Periodically, and springtime is a good time, we need to refresh our electronics to keep them working properly since we have become so dependent upon them. Tuning up our computers, purging apps, photos and videos from our phones refreshes them, creates more storage and can possibly speed them up.

As you can see from the examples shown above, springtime refreshes every aspect of our lives. It’s not all-inclusive but I’m sure you get my point. In nature it’s always been a time of renewal and rebirth and the cycle has come to expand into all other aspects of our lives.