An Organized Stress-Free Vacation!

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Going on vacation is supposed to be relaxing, right? Well, if you’ve ever gone to Disney World, you might have felt more stress than calm if you planned it yourself. There’s a zillion details to figure out and for many folks that equals a lot of stress. Meet my friend Julie Hough. Julie is a Disney Vacation Planner and she removes the stress from planning your next Disney vacation - all for free! When you book your Disney trip through her company, Enjoy Mouse Travel, you will receive: Advice on which hotel, which ticket type, which dining plan best fits [...]

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Summer Road Trips

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Ahh summertime! Vacations are synonymous with summer and road trips. The kids are out of school, so it’s a great time to get away with the family for awhile to enjoy the warm sunny weather, and create some memories that will last a lifetime. Because of the state of the economy, everyone is trying to cut costs, and traveling by way of driving is sometimes more cost effective. Long hours in the car however, can cause anxiety for some, but it doesn’t have to. With a bit of planning on the front end, you and your family can enjoy a memorable road [...]

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Fun In The Sunshine

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Summertime in the Midwest brings lots of sunshine, most of the time. It allows us to get outside and commune with nature. We can get some exercise by working in the garden, taking a walk, biking or many other fitness activities. It’s also a time to take vacations, perhaps in a sunshine state such as Florida or California. The sun provides us with many benefits such as, nourishing vitamins for our skin, and allows our brains to produce sufficient amounts of serotonin to stave off depression. At any rate, when we are out in the sun we need to be protected [...]

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Traveling – Leavin on a Jet Plane

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I love traveling! Seeing new sights and meeting new people is a wonderful experience. Traveling also creates memories that last a lifetime. Getting away from time to time provides an escape from the day to day activities that can create a lot of stress in our lives. Spontaneous trips are fun, but could add to your stress and cost more by not having a plan. You may forget to bring essential items that could be expensive when purchased in another state or country. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, a well thought out plan can eliminate stress to [...]

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Traveling With Kids – Are we there yet?

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When traveling with kids, you often hear this question - 'are we there yet?' These are 4 words that parents hear from the backseat a lot when traveling, especially during holiday travels.  Kids get bored easily and just sitting there without anything to keep them busy will prompt this question frequently. They are also probably excited to get to their destination to start the holiday festivities! Some kids have more energy than others, and sitting still for long periods of time can be difficult for them.  Small children that are required to ride in car seats have more of an issue [...]

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