Shifting Things Around is Not Organizing

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There have been times while working with a client, that they want me to put something someplace just for now. We will be working in a room and find an item that belongs elsewhere but doesn’t have an assigned home.  That’s when I’m asked to put something someplace just for now.  What they would have me do is actually shifting things around. When this happens, I take the opportunity to discuss the item with the client.  The act of shifting things around is not organizing, it’s postponing making decisions. It may free up space in the room or area where [...]

Organizing After a Death

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Image courtesy of dan /   When a loved one passes away there are many things to do.  So many things in fact, that it can quickly become overwhelming.  Whether it’s sudden or after a long illness, you will experience grief and probably aren’t thinking straight. My aunt passed away recently and this article provides insight from my personal experience.  This subject is not a topic that most want to think about but it is necessary and I hope it will be helpful.  One thing I would like to mention that helped me, is that when I was planning [...]

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Simple Solutions Are The Best Solutions

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Image courtesy of ponsulak / Whether you’re organized or not, solutions you use every day are simple and that’s why you continue to use them.  A good example of a simple solution is an everyday routine.  Everyone has them for a lot of aspects of their lives.  We have morning routines, meal time routines, study routines, lawn mowing routines, etc. Think about the way you perform your routines and why you do what you do.  You are likely not going to continue to perform a step in the sequence if it’s difficult to do.  If you did, the consequence [...]

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Organizing for Seniors: How I Organized For My Senior Aunt Who is Blind

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Organizing is not just about putting like with like, purging and labeling containers. Sure, those are important pieces to the process, but that’s not the whole enchilada. Before you start the process, you need to understand both the mental and physical capabilities of the person that needs the organizing solutions. Our senior population has a myriad of considerations to address when you organize for them. The first thing to consider is their living environment. If they live alone, do they have homecare workers that visit on a regular basis, and if so, will you need to organize for the senior or the [...]

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Dining Rooms Are Not Just For Dining Anymore

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Fall is in the air with crisp cool air and the leaves beginning their beautiful color transformations. It’s a season of preparation for holidays and winter weather. Fall festivals provide us with the opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature before it gets too cold. Preparations on our homes interiors include getting ready to receive guests for holiday celebrations. The rooms to focus on are those that will be used for these gala events. Organizing the kitchen is important to create wonderful holiday meals, but the dining room is also an important component to serve the meals. Dining rooms can be formal, informal, and [...]

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10 Tips to Organize a Successful Garage Sale

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After recently performing the task of de-cluttering your spaces, and ‘spring cleaning’ to refresh the inside of your home, you probably found a myriad of items that you want to discard. There are a lot of ways to recycle items, most of which is to donate these items to a worthy cause. However, some items have more monetary value than others, and you may want to sell them rather than make a donation to receive the tax write-off. In that case, having a garage sale is an option. Other options include, selling items at a consignment shop, or selling them [...]

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Do I really need 13 pairs of tweezers?

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That’s a very good question. What about 9 pairs of scissors, do you really need that many? Or 3 bread makers, do you really need that many? Or that gadget you bought after listening to a very convincing television commercial. It makes a lot of sense to ask yourself these questions about your stuff from time to time. We are all surrounded by things in our homes that we may not necessarily need, use, or love. Our things typically come into our lives faster than they go. We get caught up in the day to day activities that make up our lives [...]

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Is Your Basement A Dumping Ground?

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Basements are the foundations of our homes. They can be versatile in function. Most have infrastructure components such as a furnace, electrical panels and a water heater, that at some time or another will require repair or maintenance. Some are used as extended living spaces. Some are used for storage with an area for laundry, and others combine all these functions. Keeping all the various functions of your basement organized, can be challenging, especially the storage areas. This article will focus on the storage areas. The types of items you have in the storage areas and how to store them so you [...]

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Get Organized St. Louis 2014!

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Saturday, April 26, 2014 9:30AM – 4:00PM at St. Charles Community College Join us for a full day of organizing workshops taught by local professional organizers • Two Group Sessions offering solutions and strategies for common organizing issues: “The Archeology of Ease: Excavating the Personal Stories and Beliefs Behind Disorganization” – Janine Adams, CPO “Home Organization CPR” – Denise Lee, CPO • “Ask The Organizers” Q & A panel over lunch (box lunch provided) • Two Breakout Sessions where you can choose to learn about a variety of organizing topics: “Budget Bootcamp” – Shannon Tamme “The Kitchen – The Heart of the Home” – Julie [...]

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Organizing Your Bathroom to Enhance Your Morning Routine

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The bathroom is probably the most used room or rooms in your home. Bathrooms will typically contain all the items you need for personal care. They can yield a lot of traffic throughout the course of the day, but morning routines typically start in the bathroom. That is, after you put on the coffee. It’s essential that everyone has a morning routine. They keep us on track to get us where we need to be on time. Creating a routine takes some thought, practice, and tweaking along the way. You need to have the tools where you get ready to keep on [...]

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