4 Lessons I Learned About Buying Things

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Working with clients that hoard gave me a whole new perspective on buying things.  Even those that do not have this disorder, but have a lot of clutter contributed to my new perspective.  Clutter can happen quickly for many reasons, and in many ways.  Buying things is the most prominent acquiring action that accumulates clutter that could end up as a hoard. Buying basic things such as food, clothing & personal care items are requirements for living.  The amount of each of these basic things that we buy, along with everything else, is an important consideration.  Storing things that we [...]

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Communication is Key to Help Those With Hoarding Behavior

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Communication can make or break a relationship.  Communication as defined by Merriam Webster is as follows – ‘a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior’.  Body language falls into this definition as behavior.  In many situations, body language speaks louder than words. For those trying to help someone with hoarding behavior, effective communication is paramount.  In my experience as a professional organizer, most often it’s not the person with hoarding behavior, but a loved one that reaches out for help.  They are frustrated, and possibly angered, by attempts to get [...]

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Do You Have a Collection or a Hoard?

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Some if not all of my hoarding clients consider themselves collectors, not hoarders. They have collections, not a hoard. There is nothing wrong with collecting things. Most everyone I know, including me, have some sort of a collection or collections. These collections have meaning to us – sentimental, functional, beauty, historic, etc. Whatever the reason, the collection is meaningful to us, and we can form an attachment to the items in our collections. We are proud of our collections and usually want to display them for everyone to enjoy as much as we do. Collections are typically not a problem, if [...]

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