get it now or get it laterDo you still have stuff at your parent’s house? I think I’m in the minority because I don’t, but my brothers still do. It’s amazing how many things kids can accumulate as they grow up. A lot of these children move out of their parent’s homes and leave a lot of stuff behind. They may be moving to a smaller space with a roommate or two, or they may get married, but in any case, they usually don’t have enough space to keep all their stuff in their new abode. They figure they will get it later.

Moving to a new home is a great time to cull through your stuff, and discard or recycle items that you no longer need, use or just don’t like anymore. This can be a big task and with all the excitement of moving out and being on their own, maybe for the first time, it’s just not high on their list of priorities. They figure they will get it later.

I see this so often in the homes of my senior clients. Basements, attics and garages are the most likely spaces for life’s accumulation of possessions. Mom and dad may have 50 plus years of accumulation themselves, and when you add all the things their kids leave behind, well, that’s a lot of stuff. At some point, someone will have to take on the daunting task of figuring out what to do with all of their parent’s possessions, and the kids things just adds to the task. The longer this project is delayed, the more difficult it becomes. There is however, one thing that may make it less painful, and that is, for each of the kids to schedule an afternoon to go through their things, take home what they want to keep, and discard or recycle the rest.

Don’t you think that your mom would appreciate the gift of more space this Mother’s Day? If so, schedule some time to go through your stuff in her basement, attic or garage and discard, recycle or move it to your house. This not only helps your mom now, but will help you down the road so you don’t have to get it later.