greeting cardsIn the fast paced world in which we live today, there is not enough time to do everything we need to do, especially during the holidays. Sending greeting cards via snail mail is a task that takes some time to complete and is becoming obsolete in this electronic age, not to mention the rising cost of postage stamps.

However, if you’re like many of the older generation, and still like to send holiday greeting cards by way of the postal service, having an organized system makes this task more efficient and more enjoyable.

Creating a greeting cards station can provide just such a system. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Keep it simple. You can create a greeting cards station with an expandable file. These can be purchased at any store that sells office supplies.

Now that you have the expandable file, you are ready to create your own solution. It’s time to gather all the greeting cards from around your home.  Organize them by the type of card – birthday, get well, Christmas, Hanukkah, anniversary, graduation, sympathy, etc. You want to do this first so you can label the files in alphabetical order.  Even if you don’t currently have all the different types of cards that you would send, you want a file for each category.

Gather all the supplies that you will use to mail your greeting cards; address book, pens, return address labels, postage stamps, etc.

Starting with the second file, label each one with the name of the type of greeting card and keep the envelope with each card. The label can be as simple as a handwritten label using an ink pen, or you can use a label maker. The first file works well for supplies.  Use it to store your contact list/address book, pens, return address labels, postage stamps, etc. You may choose to use a small zippered pouch to keep these smaller items contained.

It’s time to file your cards and supplies in their appropriate files. Some files will expand more depending on how many cards are in the category.  That’s why an expandable file works well.

Now that you have everything you need in one convenient location, sending those greeting cards will be done in no time at all!