In order to save our planet for future generations, we need to think green. More and more people and businesses have adopted a green regimen these days. As you know, being green means to reduce, reuse, recycle. Many things we use in our daily lives can be recycled, but today the focus is on recycling Christmas trees in the spirit of the upcoming holiday. Live trees have more options for recycling than artificial trees. An article from Earth911 says, Artificial trees contain lead, so they should be disposed of with other household hazardous products. To read more of this article, click here-Real vs Artificial Trees at That doesn’t mean you can’t reuse the tree, or parts of it, which of course is a way of recycling. The lists below show some options for recycling both live and artificial trees. There may be a little more effort involved, but the rewards are well worth it. Think green!

Live Trees

*Purchase a tree with the roots intact to replant in your yard after the holiday.

*Many yard waste programs include curbside Christmas tree disposal; they mulch them for compost.

*Sink the tree in a lake to create a crappy bed.

*Make a wreath from the boughs and attach pieces of fruit, berries and popcorn for the birds to feed on.

*Chop it up and put it in a compost bin.

Artificial Trees

*Depending on the condition of the tree, contact a local charity to see if they will take it.

*Parts of the tree can be crafted into other holiday decorations such as a centerpiece for the table.

*Contact your waste removal company to see if they provide disposal service for artificial trees