multi-functional family room

A typical family room can be multi-functional in terms of relaxation and entertainment. It can be a place to gather with family after a busy day to wind down, relax and enjoy each other’s company. Reading, watching tv, playing video games or conversing about the day’s events are just some activities to enjoy in your family room. The activities you enjoy will be specific to you and your family.

Since this room is the place to be for a wide range of activities, some organizing is in order to keep your family room a relaxation zone. If you already use the space for entertainment and perhaps other activities, make note of the various type of things your family members do in this room. This will help you create zones for each activity. Creating zones that make sense to you, will provide the means to store items specific to each activity. This concept helps everyone understand where to put the items they used when they are done, to keep your things organized.

Look around to size up your existing options for storage. There are many options to consider for storage. Book shelves, entertainment centers, drawers in furniture, or trunks and storage ottoman’s are examples to store the items that live in your room. Plan your zones around how the room is setup. For example, videos and gaming equipment may be stored in the same area where your tv lives. If you have an entertainment center, use a shelf for the videos and perhaps another for the gaming equipment, since that is the area you will use these items. Only purchase storage containers when you have exhausted all the existing options in your home. Some other storage containers to consider that you may have around your home – baskets, various storage bins, and cardboard boxes you can decorate. You can always purchase storage items to match your décor.

Assign homes to all the items in each zone. Label each storage container with the contents. If you don’t want to ruin the finish by putting adhesive labels on your furniture, or other containers, that’s understandable. You can always attach decorative tags with labels on them. Office supply stores typically carry plastic luggage tags that have adhesive interiors where you can put labels inside. Another option is to use decorative gift tags.

Now that you have your zones created and stored the necessary items in each zone, make sure all your family members understand the concept of putting things back in their homes after they use them. By putting things away, your family room will stay organized and remain the relaxing environment to enjoy with your family members.