paying bills onlineThese days everyone is looking for ways to not only save time but also money. Paying bills is something we all do, and it can be time consuming and stressful.

Manually paying bills requires a type of system that will ensure your bills are paid on time to avoid late charges, which can be costly, and cause your stress level to climb higher. And no one needs more stress in their life! If your manual system does not work for you, and makes you dread the idea of tackling that growing mound of paper bills, you may want to consider paying bills electronically. Since we are now full blown into the electronic age, most vendors have a way to make payments online.

There are also different ways for paying bills, such as a feature that automatically deducts the invoice amount on the date that it’s due from an account you specify when you register with the vendor. Another option is to schedule your payment when you receive an email notification for a new bill.

Most of these online payment systems are pretty user friendly and fairly easy to use. It usually only takes a few minutes to register and setup your profile and preferences on how you want to make payments. Then every month you will receive notifications based on the preferences you set up initially. After you do this for awhile, you will realize that you are saving time, and money, and your stress level won’t rise, at least not from paying bills. Below are some tips to help you keep your e-bills organized.

•Schedule payments as soon as you receive the reminder email.

•When the payment shows up on your bank statement, delete the reminder.

•Check your accounts online regularly to ensure your payments are posted as scheduled. This is a good practice to avoid identity theft as well.

•Some vendors have the option to make automatic payments. However, if you are using an account other than a credit card, make sure you post the payment in your register.