Slow cooker Looking to find some extra time in your day? We live in such a hectic world. We’re always in a hurry. There is so much to do, and so little time to do it. I know I’m always looking for ways to make effective use of my time. Living a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious meals has also become challenging. It may be because we don’t have the time to fix healthy meals, or sit down to enjoy them. Eating on the run usually isn’t very healthy for us. Frozen dinners, canned soups, and sandwiches are the primary meals in my house. Anything that’s quick to make. We do eat a lot of fruit and that helps somewhat. Preparing healthy meals can be time consuming, however, if you put a little thought into it, you might save some time and live healthier in the long run.

There is one way to eating healthier and save time, by killing two birds with one stone…use a slow cooker.There are so many delicious, healthy recipes you can make in one. I use mine all the time. A lot of the recipes call for items you already have on hand and you can also make up your own recipes. Mine came with a recipe book that I’ve used, or modified the recipes to my own taste. It’s very easy. You put the ingredients in the cooker in the morning and leave for the day. When you walk in the door, the aromatic scent of what’s been cooking all day can help relieve the stress of the day, and in minutes you will be eating a wonderful meal!

If you’ve ever used a slow cooker, you may be thinking that they are a pain to clean, or that your kids may not like what you fix…but think again. While I don’t have kids or picky eaters in my home, I did think about the clean up factor, so I have solutions to both of these issues.

First let’s tackle the cleanup. For quite awhile I actually stopped using my cooker because it took so long to clean up and let’s face it, it’s a dirty job. I would let it soak for awhile and then ended up scrubbing it for what seemed like an eternity, and it never really came as clean as I would like. Then I saw an ad on TV for Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners. Whoever came up with this product is a genius! It’s a plastic liner you put in the cooker first, and then fill it with your ingredients. Cleanup is a breeze because after you take out the leftovers, you just put the liner in the trash, it couldn’t be easier! Yes, you still need to wipe out the cooker but no more soaking or scrubbing. I bought a box and never looked back.

Kids and some adults can be picky eaters at times. So, I found an article on the My Recipes website that may help. It’s called Kid-Approved Slow-Cooker Meals. Check it out. I’m sure that you can find some recipes that your kids or picky eaters will enjoy!