staying safeStaying safe is a concern for everyone no matter your age.  Whether you are at home or wherever you go, that feeling of security is priceless.  There are different aspects of feeling safe and for the purpose of this post the focus is on physical safety.

When you are in your home, or living your life going to work, school, running errands or engaging in social activity you want to be safe.  Most places that you go you probably do feel relatively safe. There are however, times when you may not.

In the US we have the 911 system that we rely on for help in all types of emergency situations.  You just need to text or call 911 and emergency responders are on their way to help. This is an invaluable service for staying safe.

More and more people are using cell phones these days as their only means of communication. Cell phones have GPS (global positioning system), which means that your location can be tracked via satellite. Staying safe can be dependent on our cell phone using GPS.

Smart phones use apps for a variety of things including safety. There is an app called Noonlight that was originally developed for staying safe on college campuses. This app protects you at home and wherever you go.  It’s an alternative to using the 911 system.

Getting started is simple. Just install the app on your smart phone and create an account to provide some basic information and you’re all set!

Then, whenever you are not feeling safe, just open the app and press and hold the big button. When you do feel safe, release the button and you will have 10 seconds to enter the 4-digit code you provided when you created your account.  Noonlight will send a text to you to let you know they are glad you are safe.  If you end up in a situation where you need help, release the button and do not enter your 4-digit code.  Noonlight will send help asap!

It’s comforting to know that our devices can provide a level of comfort in those iffy situations.  Staying safe has never been easier!