I could mention how many shopping days left until Christmas, but I don’t want to scare you, we have Halloween for that. The big holidays, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas are the ones that create the most stress. Everyone is worried about gift giving, decorating and making sure the house is clean. Sometimes we are so busy rushing around doing this or that, even on the day of the holiday, that we don’t have time to actually sit down to visit with family and friends to enjoy the event. Preparation can eliminate some of that stress, and you can actually do some things throughout the year to help lighten your load. Things like buying gifts when you see something that would be perfect for someone on your list. Or keeping your address book current will help when you address greeting cards.

Speaking of lists, they are critical to effective planning. There are many lists you could need, such as, gifts, greeting cards, and menus, to name a few. Here is a website that provides some of these holiday planning lists for free. When you create these lists specific to your needs, keep them from year to year and make notes on them to remember what worked and didn’t work for the next year.

What are some of the lists that you use?