sale emailsAhhh the allure of sale emails.  Advertising everything you can imagine in the form of products and services. Companies are very creative with their messages, some have colorful graphics, are funny and always attention grabbing.

Whenever you make a purchase these days, the merchant always asks for your email address, whether you are in a store, or making an online purchase. They do this so they can continue to email their ads for sales or new products or services.

However, if they are reputable companies, they will have a mechanism to opt out of their marketing emails, or manage the amount of the sale emails they send. This does provide a way to manage your email inbox.

When you make purchases online, they have your physical address so they can also send flyers in the mail.  We used to be inundated with flyers in our mailboxes and newspapers and we still get those, but the paper flow has thankfully slowed down just a bit, now we get flooded with sale emails in our inboxes.

The trend has shifted from paper clutter to digital clutter, but the allure hasn’t changed. It’s the marketing message that draws us in. They always have an expiration date, and additional incentives to make that purchase.

Whether you need the product or service right now, it’s tempting to stock up on products, or schedule a service in the future just to get the sale price. We all want to save money on the products and services we use and love and marketers understand this. That’s why they carefully and purposefully craft their messages.

Some things to consider before you succumb to these enticing sale emails:

  • Do you really need this product or service at this time?
  • Is the sale price significant enough to make the purchase now based on your budget?
  • Does this merchant put these products or services on sale frequently, and can you wait for the next sale?

If you make a knee-jerk decision before careful consideration, you may regret it in the long-term, so just pause pause before you’re totally reeled in to these enticing proposals of sale emails.