clutter magnetsClutter magnets are areas or spaces in your home, car and office that attract clutter. Everyone has them. They’re called magnets for a good reason. Clutter is drawn to these spaces like a magnet. They are dumping grounds for stuff, and that stuff quickly accumulates to become clutter.

You may ask why these spaces are prone to becoming magnets for clutter, and I don’t have an answer. I guess it’s just one of those little mysteries of life.

Our intentions are good. We say, I’ll just put this here for now and put it away later. Then we get distracted, later never comes, and now we have a pile of clutter.

Some common clutter magnets can be counter tops, drawers, the top of the refrigerator, under the bed, and stairs to name a few. Take a look around your spaces and identify your clutter magnets.

Now that you know where your clutter magnets are lurking, what do you do about it? These piles of clutter can be turned into opportunities to create organizational systems based on your natural habits and routines.

As an example, let’s look at a common clutter magnet…stairs. Stairs typically turn into a staging area. You have things downstairs that belong upstairs, such as paperwork that belongs in the office, or kids toys that belong in their rooms. A simple solution to this staging area dilemma would be to use stair step baskets.

Stair step baskets come in a variety of sizes, colors and prices and work great for staging. Place a stair step basket on each step labeled for each person in the family. Then make sure all family members get into the routine of checking their baskets on the way up the stairs, and voila, a simple organized solution created!

Using the stairs scenario above, look for a clutter magnet area in your home and turn that pile of clutter into your own simple organized solution.  Leave a comment in the section below to describe how you transformed your clutter magnet into a simple organized solution.