hockey storageDo you or your kids play hockey?  If so, is hockey storage an issue? I’m guessing that you have a lot of equipment – sticks, skates, pads, helmets, jerseys, pucks, etc.  I’m also guessing that storing all this gear and keeping it organized can be challenging for many reasons.

The biggest challenge for hockey storage may be location, location, location!  You may have gear stashed all over the house, creating clutter and possibly damaging that expensive equipment. You need a significant amount of space that is out of the way, yet close to vehicles for quick loading and unloading.  The ideal location is the garage, if you have one.

Hockey storage in the garage has multiple benefits.  Quick vehicle loading and unloading as mentioned above is one benefit, and may be top on the list. It would eliminate lugging gear through the house, perhaps up from the basement, and save wear and tear on your back before you even get to the rink.  It keeps gear all together so there is no going on the hunt to remember where you stashed equipment for lack of storage space. Storing hockey gear in the garage keeps your living spaces from smelling like a locker room, which is a common complaint from the women in the house.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an effective hockey storage solution in your garage?  You would have a dedicated space for organizing all your hockey gear to keep it clean and in good working condition.  There would be no more heated discussions with the women in the house about all that stinky hockey gear, wouldn’t that be great!

The experts at designed this wonderful infographic with tips to help you create a hockey storage solution in your garage.  Take a moment to check it out and create your plan.  You may need to clean out your garage first, but I’m guessing it will keep your family at ease.

Where do you store your hockey gear?