eliminateYou know that feeling in the morning that you get after you’ve eliminated, meaning after you poop, which is excess. Yep, I said it, poop! Like the commercial says, everyone does it.

Although not everyone has eliminated the excess of the things that cause them discomfort, if they did that regularly, they would probably have that same feeling mentioned above every time.

There are many things in your life that can cause excess, it comes in tangible and intangible items. The tangible items are physical items that you can touch that turn into clutter when you don’t have a home for all of your belongings.

The intangibles can be a little trickier.  Those that you can’t physically touch like an excessive number of emails in your inbox, apps on your phone, and digital media of all types.  Excess digital media can be eliminated, and when it isn’t, the result can cause another category of intangibles that has to do with emotions such as stress or worry.

Now I’m guessing that everyone has at least some, if not an excessive amount of stress and/or worry in their lives. Figuring out how to eliminate excess of these intangibles may take some effort but it can be done. After you’ve eliminated excess of these emotions, I’m sure you will feel the same way as described above.

So, how do you eliminate excess of these emotions? We typically turn to our coping mechanisms, such as meditation or exercise. Hopefully you have at least one that helps you alleviate, if not eliminate the excess when you get into stressful situations.  If not, I encourage you to be mindful of what triggers these emotions and to learn coping strategies that will eliminate the excess.

After you’ve eliminated excess in all the tangible and intangible areas of your life, and this does take some time, I’m sure you will continue to have that early morning feeling as described above.