life happensLife happens. It’s unpredictable. There are highs and lows, twists and turns, but it’s still life. Much of it is what we make of it. You know, the pursuit of happiness, and we do find it along the way. Those moments that we wish would never end.

There are also those unexpected things that we wish would never happen. Dramatic life changes such as loss. Losing a loved one, divorce, losing a job, health issues or an injury, losing a beloved pet, the list goes on.  Any one of these things alone can be devastating.

When you have multiple negative life events at the same time, everything changes in many aspects of your life.  A result of just one of these life changes can be situational disorganization. No matter how organized you were before your life turned upside down, you find that it’s difficult to perform routine tasks of daily living.

Your spaces can go from organized to disorganized quickly and relentlessly. You can’t find things because you didn’t have the wherewithal to put things back where they belong. Energy has now become a luxury item – you just don’t feel like dealing with much of anything.  Your happy, peaceful, organized life is now a state of chaos, and contributing to your feelings of despair caused by a situation or situations.

This is all so overwhelming. It’s difficult to know just what to do to get your life organized. My recommendation is to look for some help. You do not have to do this alone. Reach out to your support system, family, friends, mental health professionals, professional organizers. Let them know how things are going and where you need their assistance.

It also helps to have some coping mechanisms to manage the stress, whatever they may be – exercise, meditation, laughter, massage, etc.  Managing your stress, in addition to working with your support system, will do wonders to bring back your happy, peaceful, organized life.