veteransGetting older presents challenges for us, physically, mentally and emotionally. The changes we experience are more difficult to accept the older we get. We get set in our ways and can’t do all of the things now that we could breeze through when we were younger. A lot of us are also the ones that do everything for ourselves as well as others and are not used to receiving help from anyone else.

At some point though, this changes. We get older, perhaps have health and mobility challenges and now need some help ourselves. Our homes that we have lived in for many years become too much to manage alone. Our family members try to help but lead busy lives themselves, and are trying to keep up with their own activities of daily living.

Downsizing and moving to a smaller space can help but you may still require assistance with activities of daily living. At an advanced age, moving out of your home of 40 years or more can be a very traumatic experience. Healthcare providers have realized this and more and more companies that specialize in aging in place are being established. Finding one of these companies is the first step, affording the services that can be quite costly, is the next step.

1 In 3 seniors in this country is a veteran or surviving spouse of a veteran. These heroes, our fathers, mothers, spouses, friends, may be eligible for a unique, little known benefit through the Veterans Administration called, “Aid and Attendance.” This benefit provides funding to help keep loved ones safe and comfortable with home care or in an assisted living environment.

Millions of qualifying veterans and families go without Aid and Attendance simply because of a lack of information or a lack of help. This program is in effect to ensure your loved ones receive the benefits they’ve earned, and to assist you during this process, with the same honor and integrity with which you or your loved one served our country.

For more information visit the Veterans Care and Coordination website, or call 1-855-380-4400.