Personal StorageEveryone has personal things that they need to keep with them at all times. Identification is probably the most important personal storage item. House, car keys, cell phone and legal tender such as cash, credit or debit cards also top the list of very important items. Other items you may need outside the home that may be specific to each person could be personal care items.

Some items we take from home could be specific to where we go, such as school, work, or to the gym. The items we take to these places are more likely larger than the items noted above. School books, binders, file folders and workout clothes take up more room than personal care items so they require a different type of personal storage container.

On-the-go storage containers need to be proportionate to the items that will reside in them.The two main reasons for this concept are, ease of portability and so you can find things in them quickly. Why carry around a huge, heavy bag of stuff that you don’t need? It will only weigh you down and could cause you to have back aches on a regular basis. And, when you need to find an item in a hurry, you don’t want to waste time by digging around in your bag.

There are a few ideas below to consider for your on-the-go personal storage needs. Be mindful of the items that are essential for your well-being when you are away from home, and don’t carry around items that you don’t need. Make sure that your storage container is proportionate to your essential items. Designate containers for specific purposes, and assign them a place in your home so you know where to find them when you need them. And don’t forget to clean them out on a regular basis to keep them clutter free!

• Purses & wallets – Typically these are used for items needed on an everyday basis. Wallets are generally organized very well with slots for identification, credit cards and cash. Be careful with the size of the purse you carry. It could become a catch-all for just about anything you come across during the day if it’s big enough. Some purses are designed as organizers with many slots, and pockets to hold your stuff. For those that like variety and change out their purse from time to time, you can get a purse organizer. They are stand alone inserts that have many pockets and slots for your things, and you can move them from one purse to another quickly and easily.

• Totes – These are typically much larger than a purse, although I’ve seen some women use them as a purse. It’s not a good idea for the reason stated above, that it can become a catch-all for all kinds of stuff, and it’s not easy to find things in a pinch. Totes work great for work or school because they will hold larger items such as books, binders and files.

• Pockets – I’m a big fan of pockets. Mostly because I don’t like lugging around a lot of stuff. If you are going someplace where you will be walking around a lot, keeping the essentials on your person will be much more comfortable.