home remodeling projectsSpring is typically a busy time to start home remodeling projects.  After being in the house for so long over the winter months, we notice things about our homes that we would like to change.

It may not be a ‘nice to have situation’, it may be out of necessity.   In my case, my kitchen really, really needed some help.  It’s an older home and parts of the kitchen were maintained, not updated.  Appliances may have been changed out as they broke down, but little else was done.  The inside of the cabinets are metal, which I believe was the popular choice in the 50’s, which is when the house was built.

In the past few years, the current appliances have reached the end of their life cycles, the flooring has seen better days, and those cabinets, well let’s just say the layout was such that a contortionist is the only one that wouldn’t have an issue using some of them.  We spend a huge amount of time in the kitchen preparing meals, so it needs to be functional and efficient, as well as pleasing to the eye.  My kitchen is far from meeting those requirements.  So, it’s time to start over and design the kitchen of my dreams!

There are many aspects of home remodeling projects; design, planning, scheduling, and implementation.  However, planning is the most important component; actually of anything that requires multiple steps to accomplish the desired result.  You have probably noticed that I have written a lot in the past about planning.  I’ve written articles such as planning goals for the new year, planning for an upcoming holiday celebration, and even to hold a garage sale.  I cannot imagine getting anything done without some planning!

This article is the beginning in a series of articles I will be writing to document my journey of remodeling my kitchen.  Succeeding articles will be posted on the blog page of my website.  As I stated above, I cannot image getting anything done without some planning, so where do you think I’ll begin?  Yep, you guessed it, planning!