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Distractions – What Causes Them & How to Deal With Them

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We all deal with distractions on a daily basis. Becoming distracted is basically the inability to pay attention, or lack of focus.  According to Merriam Webster the definition is – ‘an object that directs one's attention away from something else’. The ‘objects’ that cause us to lose focus, or become distracted, can be internal or external. Internally, our bodies may be alerting us in some way either physically, or mentally. You could have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), which is a brain-based disorder. Maybe you’re hungry and your stomach is growling. We may have something else on our minds that require [...]

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Problem Solving With Spot The Squirrel

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  Need some help with problem solving?  The story below shows how I watched a squirrel solve a problem, and reminded me of how simple problem solving can be. One of my passions is watching wildlife in my backyard.  My office is actually in my basement but I work from my family room.  It has a very large, beautiful window that looks out into my backyard.  Many people would be distracted by the activities of the critters, but for me it’s inspiration. It’s amazing to me, that I see so many different species of critters, since I live just off [...]

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