reduce stressJune is the month when the summer solstice changes the season from spring to summer.  It’s also when we honor our family patriarchs by celebrating Father’s Day. This is a day when all dads everywhere get to kick back and relax in a way to reduce stress and just enjoy their special day.

We like to pamper dad by showering him with gifts.  Giving gifts is a great way to show dad how much we appreciate him for all the love and support he’s given us over the years.

Another way to show your father how you feel is to find a way to reduce stress in his busy life.  Instead of buying another gift that may add clutter to his spaces, think of other ways to give a gift to reduce stress in his life.

Spending time with him could reduce stress, so get creative and think of things you can do together. What are some of his favorite things? Maybe he’s a busy guy so the gift of time may be appropriate.

Below is a list of gifts that reduce stress that may or may not be appropriate for your dad.  But don’t limit yourself to these ideas, put on your thinking cap and I bet you will come up with just the right gift for your dad!

•Give him the gift of massage. There are a couple of ways to do this. Either a gift certificate for a massage at a local spa, or a massage product such as a foot massager or chair massager.

•Spend some time with him by helping him complete a project. A helping hand will likely reduce stress.

•Take him to a comedy club (laughter is a great way to reduce stress), or treat him to a round of golf.

•De-clutter a room or space for him so he can find things when he needs them.

•Wash his car or mow the lawn while he naps.

•Prepare a nice dinner for him and include his favorite dish.