using labelsIn the past I’ve talked about the importance of using labels in just about every post I’ve written about getting and staying organized.  As the title says, they are a method of communication in terms of organization.

Using labels leaves no doubt where items live in your spaces, so you can put things back where they belong after use and avoid misplacing items.  This concept works for everyone regardless of age.  Be mindful of the age of the person to determine the type of label to use for a particular item. For older adults, they may need a label with larger font. For little ones that can’t read, pictures of items work best for them.

Sticky notes are labels and can be versatile. They can be used for storage planning as a temporary measure until you make the final decision where an item will live.  Using sticky notes temporarily until you get used to where an item lives works well if you don’t want to put a permanent label on a space or container. They are also a useful tool to determine categories of like items as in the first step of the organizing process, which is sorting, or putting like items together.

Using labels works well to set boundaries. When the container or space is full, it’s time to purge, so you keep your belongings proportionate to your living spaces. Having boundaries keeps from infringing on others that share your living spaces and makes for a happy home.

When using labels, functionality wins over aesthetics. Make sure your system is functional first, then you can make it aesthetically pleasing by using decorative labels.  They come in a variety of shapes, colors, patterns, sizes and fasteners. Be mindful of the type of label you choose as you may want to change them as your life situation changes.

Using labels make great reminders and can fall into the safety category. These reminders help in terms of remembering to discard expired food products, replace washer hoses, replace expired carbon monoxide detectors, etc.

There are other instances in which using labels are key to organization, but I think you get the gist.  They may not verbally communicate their intent, but they do a fantastic job of visual communication.  Give it a try and see if saves you time and money by living an organized life.