lifestyle changeA lifestyle change means new behaviors that could result in new routines. It can be in various aspects of your life such as your health, your professional life, or manner of income, moving, a relationship, getting organized, going to college, a new baby, retirement, etc.

In each of the situations mentioned above, the lifestyle change will mean a change, or changes that will occur. To adapt, prepare yourself mentally by expecting some things, or possibly many aspects of your life to change, especially existing routines.  Because, with behavioral changes comes a change to existing routines, or eliminating one routine and creating a new one.

For example, when you retire, the morning routine used to get you out the door to work on time is no longer relevant. This lifestyle change may be a shock to your system, at first. Over time however, you will realize your new found freedom which makes it easier to adapt.

At this point, or hopefully prior to your last day of work, you have determined not only future finances, but also what you will do with your free time. It’s very important both physically, and mentally, to have a reason to get out of bed every morning!

Planning is key for ease in adapting to a lifestyle change.  Look at it from different angles and talk to family and friends that have made a similar change. Even though every situation is unique, you can gain valuable information from the experiences of others.

Your plan doesn’t have to be incredibly detailed but you need to get your initial thoughts out of your head and onto paper or an electronic device.  Then as you do some research, and gain more insight into your particular lifestyle change, start putting details to your plan.

Once you create a plan, a portion of the steps to your plan can potentially turn into a routine. Posting a routine so that you see it every day, makes it easier to remember so that it turns into a habit.  Habits are great because they help you get things done almost as though you are on autopilot.

Adapting to an unexpected lifestyle change can be stressful due to the unknowns. For those that are expected, creating a plan can help you adapt easier to avoid unnecessary stress and actually enjoy your new lifestyle.