backs of doorsThe backs of doors are an under-utilized storage option.  For those that have small spaces they can provide the additional needed storage.  There are many options for this type of storage but you need to do a little research to understand what works best for your situation.

You must be conscience of the size of the items stored in these locations.  They need to be in proportion to the area around the door when it closes.  Cabinets and pantries have shelves in them that you need to work around depending on the depth of the storage item. If you decide to use the front of the door, which is another option, this is not really an issue.

Over the door or mounted (closet, bathroom, pantry, cabinet, etc.)

  • Hooks
  • Hanging bars
  • Racks with shelves, hooks or baskets
  • Pocket organizers
  • Jewelry organizers
  • Cap racks
  • Towel racks

Most of these backs of doors storage options can be purchased from The Container Store, or Bed Bath & Beyond. Maybe other stores have them, but these two seem to have large selections.

Another option for the backs of doors storage is to get your creativity on!  Pinterest has so many creative ideas for so many things.  Storage is just one of the many categories that can be found on their website.  Drill down into the specific type of storage for ideas that fit your needs.

As mentioned above, some research is in order at the beginning of your project.  Determine the spaces and items where you need help with storage solutions. Look at the items you are currently storing in those spaces. Purge and consolidate products, if possible. The things you will keep are the items that need storage solutions.  If you don’t have adequate storage within their associated spaces, consider the backs of doors storage options above.