decision paralysisWe all go through this at some point in time. Having too much going on and having to make a lot of decisions. What happens? This can cause us to freeze so that we can’t make any decisions on anything. It’s called decision paralysis.

You’re already overwhelmed with the number of tasks related to a project or multiple projects that you have in the works. Then when you consider the sheer number of options associated with these projects, it makes the overwhelm monumental.

The most beneficial solution is to either defer or put one or more projects on hold. Unfortunately, this is not always a feasible solution. Another solution is to create a plan for each project, research the options and prioritize all the tasks necessary to complete one or more projects. This solution won’t magically dissolve the overwhelm you feel, but it will create an environment that will help manage the effects of decision paralysis.

Another concept that relates to decision paralysis is called analysis paralysis.  It’s similar but has to do with the research required to determine options to make the required decisions. Some time ago I wrote a post about overthinking. Overthinking, as the post mentions, can cause procrastination and if you are a perfectionist, it can stop you from making decisions for fear of making the wrong ones.

Having a plan helps eliminate the stress from overwhelm, at least it does for me. During the research phase, you may end up with many options to achieve the end goal. It’s helpful to put a time limit on your research so you don’t end up with analysis paralysis. If you are prone to perfectionism, work on setting your mind to accept that the research you’ve done is good enough.

Plan the work and work the plan. This is the mantra I have used for so long and it has helped me to avoid overwhelm and decision paralysis and has increased productivity in all areas of my life.  Give it a try, it may help you too!