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Decision Paralysis Due to Overwhelm

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We all go through this at some point in time. Having too much going on and having to make a lot of decisions. What happens? This can cause us to freeze so that we can’t make any decisions on anything. It’s called decision paralysis. You’re already overwhelmed with the number of tasks related to a project or multiple projects that you have in the works. Then when you consider the sheer number of options associated with these projects, it makes the overwhelm monumental. The most beneficial solution is to either defer or put one or more projects on hold. Unfortunately, [...]

Delegate Tasks to Increase Productivity & Relieve Stress

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Delegate, delegate, delegate! This is such an underutilized option, especially when you’re overwhelmed. When you’re overwhelmed, your productivity level drops and your stress level increases. Some feel that they have to do everything themselves or these things won’t get done correctly. What this does is creates a tremendous amount of stress on themselves.  If something isn’t done to perfection, what’s the worst that will happen?  It’s less stressful to get things done and adopt an attitude of ‘good enough’. You wouldn’t try to perform a task when you don’t possess the skills would you? So, you delegate that task to [...]

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Creating Gaps in Our Schedules

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There are a lot of people that use a schedule to get things done. For those of us that use them, we all have, or should be creating gaps in our schedules. In this context, they are little, or sometimes big snippets of time between appointments, tasks or projects. If you already have them in place, that’s a good thing.  Creating gaps in our schedules is a good time management practice.  It’s also good for productivity, and to keep from becoming overwhelmed and stressed out. A gap in between appointments or tasks, allows us to regroup and breathe before moving [...]

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Get Organized to Beat The Winter Blues!

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Here in the Midwest, the weather can get pretty ugly after the turn of the New Year.  The temps dip to well below freezing and we sometimes get a lot of snow, and dare I say it, ICE!  It actually looks pretty if you’re looking at it from inside a warm house, and you don’t have to go out.  The kids love it when it snows a lot. They wait in anticipation of seeing their school pop up on the list of closings on the early morning news. Whether we see milder temps or get blasted full force with winter [...]

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Where Do I Begin to Get Organized?

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Image courtesy of stockimages / FreeDigitalPhotos.net   This is a question I hear a lot from those that are overwhelmed with clutter; where do I begin to get organized?.  Things seem to pile up when we aren’t looking and become clutter before we know it.  At some point, something catches your eye and wham!  It hits you in the face like a ton of bricks. Life comes at us fast and we don’t always have the time to keep up with daily decluttering activities.  Because of that we may not always notice that things are getting out of hand. The [...]

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