appToday it seems like everyone has a smartphone, even kids. They can be useful tools that have multiple functions. You can make and receive phone calls, send a text, send an email, do a search on the internet and take photos, not to mention there is an app for pretty much everything you want to do, that will increase your productivity and help you get and stay organized.

Digital cameras are no longer used as much, because your smartphone has the capability to snap a photo and email or text that photo right on the spot, because there’s an app for that.

Innovative technology such as the smartphone, is designed to help make our fast paced lives run more efficiently. Some would argue that owning a smartphone just makes us work more because you can be available 24/7, and you have the capability to have a vast amount of information at your fingertips. That topic could be the basis of a separate discussion on its own. For now we will just explore apps that can help keep us organized.

From time to time I learn about an app that may be useful and I will go check it out. That’s how I learned about Evernote and CardMunch, which are 2 of my favorites.

Some apps are free and some you have to purchase. A lot of the free apps also have paid versions with increased capabilities. I own an iPhone and did a search for free organizing apps in the App Store. It came up with a bunch of apps so I started checking them out.

Listed below are some that I use and others that I found interesting. If you have a smartphone and would like some help to get organized, check out some of these apps or search the App Store, you never know what you might stumble across.

• Evernote: This is an app that I use quite a bit. It’s a repository for documents, photos, interesting websites that you come across, videos and more. You can download information from your computer to your account on their website, and organize it however you want. When you synch your phone to your computer, walla! All the information is on your phone. You have it wherever you go. You can also create a note through your phone, via voice or text.

• CardMunch: This app was developed by LinkedIn and it’s not only useful, it’s also fun. You take a picture of a business card with your phone, and it uploads the information on the card right into your contacts. Using this app with save time and storage space for all those business cards you end up with.

• Real Simple: Great app that has all sorts of to-do lists. You can browse their lists or create one of your own. It even has the functionality to delegate tasks to others to help you out.

• Home Gallery: Liberty Mutual developed this app to create your own personal home inventory. Having this information on your phone will make the process of filing a claim, should you need to, much smoother. You take a picture of an item, assign it to a room and add information such as cost or serial number.

• iRobe: This is a wardrobe planning app. You take pictures of your clothes and inventory them based on category. This would be helpful when you are clothes shopping to find garments to mix and match with other pieces, or when planning for a trip.

• Constant Reader: For avid book readers to organize all things book related. You can keep a list of all the books you’ve read so you don’t buy the same one again (I’ve done this a time or two), have another list of the books you want to buy, and organize your lists by author, book, series, and so much more.

What are some of your favorite organizing apps?