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How to Efficiently Organize Tools

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It’s been my experience that the best organized solutions work in tandem with your natural routines. Having said that, when you organize tools used in routines, the whole process just flows. I wrote a blog post many years ago called, Behavior Based Organizing. The gist of the article states that ‘the key is the efficiency of the steps in the routine, in terms of behavior’. Part of behavior-based organizing is the way we organize tools for each routine. In the article mentioned above, it states that you need to be able to access the required tools quickly.  The time it [...]

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Get Organized – There’s an App for That

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Today it seems like everyone has a smartphone, even kids. They can be useful tools that have multiple functions. You can make and receive phone calls, send a text, send an email, do a search on the internet and take photos, not to mention there is an app for pretty much everything you want to do, that will increase your productivity and help you get and stay organized. Digital cameras are no longer used as much, because your smartphone has the capability to snap a photo and email or text that photo right on the spot, because there's an app [...]

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Divide & Conquer Using Drawer Dividers

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What’s the best way to wrangle messy drawers? Using drawer dividers of course! Drawers have a way of getting out of control easily in terms of becoming a catchall for everything. When you are tidying up in a hurry, you may just slide everything off the counter and into a drawer. It’s out of sight, so on the surface it appears that everything is in order. The problem with this logic comes into play when you’re trying to find something that you know you put in that drawer. You dig around for awhile and you may or may not find [...]

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