fresh startHere we are, once again, at the beginning of a new year. The new year promises a blank slate, a fresh start. I think everyone is happy to put 2020 behind us for many, obvious reasons. We may want to forget the challenges we encountered, but we need to remember them to learn from them and to grow.

Last year, very seldom did we see or hear anything positive. That may be why everyone is talking about making a fresh start. Headlines such as COVID-19 numbers, the fallout of the economy, political elections, and so on kept us all counting the days until the end of this year, hoping for some positivity in the new year.

At the start of a new year, you typically see so many blog posts, tv news segments, magazine articles, ads, etc., talking about starting off the new year on the right foot. This year I’m seeing those same blog posts, tv news segments, ads, as mentioned above, but they are talking about making a fresh start.

Many people make new year’s resolutions with every intention of acting on them.  Then, very quickly, those good intentions start to fade away. Maybe this year, try something different by taking a different action, using a different mindset.

A fresh start means to leave the old behind and begin with something different, something new, fresh. Being mindful of the things that happened in the last year is a good start. It may not be easy, it may be painful, but there are lessons to be learned as mentioned above.

Use those lessons learned from the past to create resolutions, intentions, goals, a list, or whatever word works for you to make your fresh start.  The things you want to do, or accomplish this year will be different than mine or anyone else.

So, what is your approach to your fresh start?