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Timing is Everything in a Lot of Scenarios

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Think of timing as being proactive. The consequences of your actions, or inactions, depends on the timing of those actions, inactions, or choices really. This is true in a lot of scenarios. In this post we will explore different scenarios to drive home the point. Selling a house is a scenario where timing is important. Spring and summer are the prime times to list a house for sale. Most buyers are looking to buy a house during those two seasons for good reasons. If they have a family, it provides adequate time to enroll the kids in a different school, [...]

How to Clear Out a Home to Sell After a Death

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Have you ever had to clear out a home to sell after a death?  If so, then you know how much there is to do. You also know that it’s an emotional journey.  We learn things about our loved ones that we didn’t know as we cull through their things.  These things are small pieces of their lives that live on through the memories they leave behind. Several years ago, I had to clear out a home to get it ready to sell after my aunt passed away.  I was her caregiver, although I didn’t live with her, for 8 [...]

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Presentation Is Everything

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Presentation is everything, especially when you’re selling your home. Selling your home used to be much easier than it is these days. You would make sure everything is in good working order, maybe perform some aesthetic touch ups, and walla, you call a real estate agent to list your home. Your real estate agent would probably let you know if there are some things you need to consider to help sell your home faster. Hopefully these things won’t cost a lot of money, as you do want to make as much as possible on the sale. Since you are in [...]

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